To raise a dispute you’ll need to call our team on 0203 370 0970. They’ll discuss the matter with you and let you know what information we need to continue.

It will be helpful if you have some key pieces of information to hand when you call us, as this will help us record your dispute and know how we need to proceed. These are:

- Date of your purchase

- A description of the issue that you have experienced/your reason for asking for a refund

- When you received the goods or service, or when you expected to receive them

- How, and when, you tried to resolve it with the merchant and what their reply was.

There are time limits that apply to how long you have to raise a dispute. These are generally up to 120 days to claim your refund from the date you made your purchase, or for travel related claims 120 days from when you should have travelled. So, it is important that you get this information back to us as soon as you possibly can.

For a simple transaction where a purchase has not turned out to be what you believed you had purchased or that your travel arrangements have been cancelled then a chargeback claim will support your intention for a refund.

However, if you have incurred further costs as a result of your initial dispute then we’ll potentially need to consider a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

This is where Tandem, as your credit card issuer, may be held jointly responsible for a breach of contract by the merchant. These can only be raised in certain circumstances, but we’ll be happy to support you with this. If you think this applies, then please let our team know when you call.

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