In order to verify your identity and protect your Tandem account we may ask that you send us copies of your identification documents.

Documents that we can accept:

  • Passport
  • Driving license or provisional license
  • National identity card

The documents that you submit MUST be valid/unexpired.

Please send your document as an attachment to or via your Tandem app by tapping ‘Chat to us’.

In order to verify your document, we require the following: 

  • Include all 4 corners of your document and ensure all edges of the document are in the image.
  • Take a high-resolution photo - ideally using a smartphone.
  • Take a photo in natural light. Do not use flash as this can obscure the data.
  • Make sure the document is on a flat surface and take the image from above.
  • Make sure the entire document is visible and that there are no objects (hands/fingers/pieces of paper etc) covering any parts of the document.
  • The image must be in colour as we do not accept black and white or greyscale documents. 

Please use the example below as a guide:

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