There are two timelines for receiving your card from the moment of doing your application. 

  1. Immediate accept/decline (online application conclusive in 85% of cases) 7 days
  2. Refer (we require further ID Docs to confirm your identity in 15% of cases) up to 3 weeks

1 - In the case where you are immediately accepted, we will process your application the next working day, when we will ask for your card and pin to be sent out to you. Depending on the post and whether there are any backlogs at the time, this should take between 3-5 working days to arrive. This makes a total of 7 days from being accepted. Please allow 10 days from being accepted before you contact us as this is well within the normal range. 

2 - Refer - In the rarer cases when you are asked to upload your ID docs so we can confirm your identity, the process will unfortunately take significantly longer as it involves a fair bit of manual processing. 

Once you have uploaded your 2 ID Docs (passport and driving license are the best if you have them) we will check that we have received them correctly and confirm this to you within 24hrs. Please don't contact us in the meantime to ask if we have received them, we will already be working as fast as we can to check through them all.

After they have been confirmed, they will be deleted from the in-app chat thread by us and uploaded onto our security system to be verified. This is a longer process and can take up to two weeks, when you will get your decision on your application.

Your card will then be sent out and arrive in 3-5 working days, making a normal maximum time of 3 weeks from your application to receiving your card. 

We're sorry about the length of this process and are working on making it faster. We promise to tell you as soon as we know ourselves - we love accepting people for the right card when we can, so rest assured if it's taking longer than it should that that's what the team is working on 😊


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