85% of our customers get an immediate accept or decline when they apply for a credit card. However, with 15% of our customers we need to get more information from them in order to make a decision. 

This can take considerably longer as it requires various bits of manual processing by humans.

The stages of the process if you are 'referred' are as follows:

  1. Application 'referred'.
  2. Upload your supporting ID Docs here on chat (you can also post them to us, but it will take longer)
  3. You get confirmation that we have received the ID Docs.
  4. There is nothing you can do during this part to speed up the application. In fact, contacting us during this part slows down the process for everyone as we have limited human resources. 
  5. We will contact you, normally within 7 days to tell you if your application has been accepted or declined.
  6. When accepted, your pin and card will be requested the following day. 
  7. You should then receive your pin and card 3-5 working days later.

So once you've uploaded your docs here, if successful you should have your card in 2 weeks time, though you should allow up to 3 before you contact us.

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