Our credit card statements can be viewed and downloaded in the Tandem app. 

Make sure you have the latest upgrade to the app, then tap through your Tandem card on the home screen, scroll down to Statements and tap there to see a list of your available statements. Your first statement will appear here the day after your first billing cycle.   

We’ll send you an alert each month when your statement is ready to view, so you’ll know as soon as it’s available for you.

So can I stop receiving paper statements and go paperless?

All new customers will be automatically opted into paperless statements. 

We are working on moving our existing customers over to paperless statements. If you still want to receive paper statements or require an alternative format, please let us know once your account is open and we can change this for you.

Sorry for the delay in getting this done and also sorry to the trees :(

What about the email notification telling me my statement is available in the app?

We're required to send this under Section 176A of the Consumer Credit Act. You won't be able to unsubscribe from this servicing email, but can unsubscribe from our marketing emails. 

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