At the end of applying for either a Tandem credit card or savings product, we may need you to send in two documents to validate your identity. 

Firstly, we will need two documents from you.

Document 1 – proof of identity, we need one of the following:
• A valid passport
• A valid UK driving license (if used for proof of identity this cannot be used for proof of address)

Document 2 – proof of address, we need one of the following:
• A valid UK driving licence (if used for proof of identity this can’t be used for address)
• A bank statement from the past three months
• A utility bill (not a mobile phone bill) from the past three months

The address on these documents must be the same as what you put on your application.

Don’t have one of these documents?
If you don’t have one of these documents, here's a list of other possible options. 

Secondly you will need to send us these documents.

The best and quickest way to send us your documents is to take a photo on your mobile device and upload these to us through your app. Please don’t obscure any part of the document when taking the photo, keep the background clear and make sure the image quality is high. You can upload the documents to us via a chat which is located in the Contact Us tab of our iOS or Android app.

You’ll be able to upload your documents at any time but if you send on a weekend, bank holiday or after 6pm our team will continue with your application on the next working day.

What if I don’t want to use the app?

You can also send us copies of your documents by post. Put your documents in an enclosed envelope and pop it in the post. It’s a good idea to get proof of postage too.  Please send it within 14 days of you making your application to the following address:

Tandem Bank
PO BOX 10461
LE18 9FH

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