This depends on the type of the ‘pending’ transaction. All transactions will go through a pending phase before we deduct the credit from your statement balance. Depending on the weekday, this can take a few days but the app will immediately deduct this from your available to spend and add it to the app balance, so that you get a real time view of your finances. 

In addition, there are special transactions that may remain pending for a longer period of time. For example, pre-authorisations taken by hotels or car rental companies will stay as pending until the credit is reversed. Such transactions will not be added to your statement at the end of the month but will be temporarily deducted from your available to spend. In some cases a merchant may authorise a transaction that they do not cancel immediately. This will remain as a pending transaction until the transaction expires. The expiration time is, unfortunately, controlled by the merchant; it is normally set to 30 days but can last for up to 90. 

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