If you don’t pay your balance in full by the payment date, we’ll charge interest from the date the transactions were added to your account until you pay them in full.
We’ll add the interest to your account on your bill each month. The interest will form part of your outstanding balance.

If you don’t pay your balance in full, we’ll charge interest on your interest – this is known as compound interest.

There are no foreign fees on cash withdrawals, but we do charge interest from the day the cash withdrawal is settled.

We charge interest on fees for cash advances in the UK at the standard rate for cash advances. We charge interest on any unpaid interest at the rate that applied to that type of transaction. We do charge a cash advance fee if you withdraw cash in the UK.

If we’ve charged a fee for paying late or not sticking to your agreement, we’ll start charging interest on this fee from the 30th day after the fee was charged until you’ve paid off the fee in full. We won’t charge interest on top of this interest.

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