Yes, we’ve designed our cards for people who travel. You can use your card around the world in any shop or ATM where Mastercard is accepted. There are no foreign transaction fees and you’ll continue to receive cashback on all your purchases as at home. There are also no fees on cash withdrawals abroad, but we do charge interest from the day the cash withdrawal is posted to your account. This can take up to 5 days from when you made the cash withdrawal depending on the processing time of the ATM provider. 

If you make a payment before the transaction has settled (pending status is removed) the payment may not be applied to your cash transaction. We suggest waiting until cash transactions have settled before making manual payments. You will need to make sure the balance shown on your last statement has been paid off in full first, as payments into your account will first be applied to your statemented balance before going to newer transactions.

If you have a Tandem Cashback Credit Card, you'll continue to receive cashback on all our purchases as at home.

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