Spending Money currently assumes that you get paid monthly. If you get paid more than once a month, then we may not be able to find your payday. We're working on introducing Spending Money for people who get paid more than once a month. We'll let you know when it's available.

If you do get paid monthly, then something may have changed with your salary payment details. We look for three similar incoming payments from the same sender over the past three months. So the most likely reason is that you may have changed jobs or you've had a huge pay rise - in which case, congratulations. For now, you'll need to hold tight for three months until we pick it up as a salary again.

If we cannot identify your pay day automatically then you can set up spending money manually by selecting a manual pay day and a salary account. This will look for regular bills in that account and reset them on your payday.

If this doesn't explain why we've not found your payday, then let us know by chatting to us or emailing us at hello@tandem.co.uk.

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