Spending Money is an estimate of how much you can spend this month while still having enough left to pay your bills.

First, we search for your regular bills from the past three months. We use these to estimate how much your bills will add up to in the future. We then subtract your unpaid bills from your current balance to show how much we think is available to spend.

Spending Money currently assumes that you get paid monthly. If you get paid more than once a month, then we may not be able to find your payday or the Spending Money number we show you may be very inaccurate.

We try to identify your Spending Money account and cycle date based on your salary. However, if we are not able to identify your salary you can select your own Spending Money account and pay day.

Spending Money is an estimate based on what we get from your bank and what we know about your spending. It should be used only as an estimate. It's important to consider your broader financial situation before making any important financial decisions.

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